We thank you for being a Julia user, and wanted to notify you that Julia Computing has decided to sunset JuliaBox on May 31, 2020. If you are a paid JuliaBox user, you will no longer be able to login or charged for JuliaBox after that date.
We encourage all Julia users to download and install JuliaPro before May 31, 2020. JuliaPro is free to download, install and use, and is the fastest on-ramp to Julia for students, researchers, instructors, scientists, engineers and other practitioners. With JuliaPro, you can install and use any private or public packages, including your choice from among more than 2,600 open source packages and more than 250 curated packages.
Jupyter Notebook Interface
75,000+ users served since 2015
Perfect for classes, students, professors and new Julia users
Includes 275+ carefully curated popular Julia packages
Multi-node deployment capability
Parallel computing capability
Buy added memory, storage, nodes and enterprise support
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